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Anthony Davis on Lakers' 11-game losing streak to Nuggets

Published April 26, 2024 at 3:41 PM

Anthony Davis provided insight into the Lakers' mindset following their 11th consecutive loss to the Nuggets, leaving them trailing 0-3 in the playoffs. He stressed the importance of securing a victory before concerning themselves with other matters. This defeat marked the team's 11th straight loss to the Nuggets, a streak dating back to the previous year's Western Conference Finals. LeBron James remains hopeful despite the daunting circumstances.

''Our focus and our mental right now is to get one. Try to get a win and go from there... However many straight, we can't focus on that. Our focus is to try to get better from tonight, learn from our mistakes, and try to get a win on Saturday. Can't do anything about it, what's in the past.''

"We have stretches where we just don't know what we're doing on both ends of the floor and those the ones that cost us. I just think sometimes the plays don't turn out the way they should've, the frustration sets in a little bit. I don't think it's about us not being organized. I have incredibly valuable coaches on my staff and we pride ourselves, whether it's in practice, games, or shoot-around, on being highly efficient and organized. I'll just chalk that up to being frustrated. It's an emotional game with the way it ended and all of that but I'll agree to disagree on that one."

However, Davis's comments received pushback from the coaching staff, notably from Darvin Ham, leading to speculation about internal tension. Reputed insider Jared Greenberg suggested that Davis's failure to support Ham could influence the front office's decision on potential coaching changes. Fans have circulated videos depicting strained interactions between Davis and Ham, further fueling rumors of discord. While the Lakers initially seemed committed to retaining Ham for the upcoming season, Davis's lack of endorsement may prompt reconsideration.

As the franchise cornerstone, Davis's relationship with the coach holds significant implications for the team's future, particularly as LeBron's tenure remains uncertain. Finding alignment between Davis and the coaching staff is imperative for the Lakers' success moving forward.

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Anthony Davis on Lakers' 11-game losing streak to Nuggets

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