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Patrick Beverley throws jabs at Tyrese Haliburton in recent interview

Published May 2, 2024 at 11:44

Patrick Beverley's recent remarks on Tyrese Haliburton's game stirred up quite the storm, especially after his standout performance in Game 5. After Game 4, Beverley didn't hold back, questioning the significance of Haliburton's assists, implying that anyone could tally up numbers with enough playing time.

"Nothing. Check the numbers, think he's shooting 19 percent from the three. If I gave you the ball for 41 minutes, you would have 10 assists also." (1:44)

However, Beverley's words seemed to fuel his own fire as he came out blazing in Game 5, racking up an impressive 13 points, 12 assists, and four rebounds. His stellar playmaking proved pivotal in the Milwaukee Bucks' victory, orchestrating the offense with finesse while also making crucial defensive stops.

Meanwhile, Haliburton continued his solid play, contributing 16 points, four rebounds, and six assists in Game 5. Beverley's unexpected surge in assists, especially considering his reputation as a defensive stalwart, caught many by surprise, throwing the Pacers off their game and disrupting their shooting rhythm.

Despite the controversy surrounding Beverley's comments, his on-court performance spoke volumes, showcasing his versatility and impact beyond his defensive prowess.

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Patrick Beverley throws jabs at Tyrese Haliburton in recent interview

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