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Bradley Beal Blasts His Teammates After Latest Game

Published January 15, 2024 at 8:51 PM

After becoming the owner of the Phoenix Suns in late 2022, Matt Ishbia has been on an aggressive path, trading for superstars Kevin Durant and Bradley Beal to form a 'big 3' with Devin Booker. Despite their championship ambitions and overloaded offense, the Suns have not quite found their full form. They currently sit just 8th in the Western Conference, and although all 3 stars have played extremely few games altogether, they are still underachieving by many fans' standards. These standards seem matched by Beal, who put his teammates on blast after their latest game.

Suns Latest Game

The latest game was surprisingly a victory against the Portland Trail Blazers. This does seem odd that a star would complain after a win; however, the context is important. The Suns are expected to be championship contenders at a minimum, whereas their opponents are one of the five worst teams in all of the NBA.

Beal was frustrated at how close the game was when he feels like they are far superior, but nothing could account for the tremendous game that opposing rookie Scoot Henderson had, scoring 33 points with 9 assists and 7 rebounds. I think it is clear to say that this was by far the best game of Scoot's career thus far, which infuriated Beal even more.

Beal Sounds Off

When speaking to the media post-game, Beal revealed how he thinks the Suns were performing way under what he believes they can and criticized his team's focus and energy as they played in what was their 21st victory of the season.

«I think we took a step back and I think we all know that,» Beal said, before adding the team didn't have the right energy, wasn't focused, and let the Blazers get comfortable.

«We didn't win how the Phoenix Suns should win,»

Beal's comments appeared to be an attempt to motivate and push his team more than anything; however, the criticizing nature could come back to haunt him. Many teammates could take his words the wrong way, like Kevin Durant, who has had examples of teammate animosity before with the likes of Draymond Green and Russell Westbrook. Nonetheless, the Suns do look to be getting better the more they play, so hopefully, this rant does not affect team chemistry too badly, and they can go on to challenge for the franchise's first NBA championship.

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Bradley Beal Blasts His Teammates After Latest Game

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