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2 NBA Champions Make SHOCKING Comments About Wembenyama

Published January 15, 2024 at 5:53 PM

Victor Wembenyama was one of the most hyped draft prospects of all time last year, with a 7ft body but a guard's skillset. People immediately jumped onto the bandwagon of Wembenyama being the future of the NBA.

Now halfway through his rookie season, the Spurs are still struggling with only 7 wins to their 31 losses. Despite this, the Frenchman has managed to garner a lot of praise for his individual performances, with two former NBA Champions speaking out, revealing their predictions for his career.

Two Champions Speak Out

The two champions are Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins, who have both now become analysts for ESPN since retiring. In a recent episode of their podcast 'Road Trippin,' the two spoke about the obscene amount of hype around the teenager and compared the differences to other great prospects like LeBron James and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

They noted that the immediate difference they see is that other hyped talents like the aforementioned James were considered generational talents but weren't expected to dominate the league instantly, whereas many do expect Wembenyama to take over the league as soon as his rookie year.

This could be due to the way he transformed a historically bad team in the Metropolitans 92 into French championship contenders last season. While he has not duplicated his team's success this year with the Spurs, Jefferson and Perkins do believe that it is not long until he does, making an outrageous prediction.

"Every player that's trying to accomplish and win goals and win accolades as far as like the Defensive Player of the Year and the MVP, they need to get that out of the way right now in the next three years. Because after that, it's going to belong to Victor Wembanyama."

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2 NBA Champions Make SHOCKING Comments About Wembenyama

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