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Report : Suns' owner says team is in 'Great Position'

Published May 2, 2024 at 1:59 PM

Despite the Suns' playoff exit, owner Mat Ishbia stands firm in his belief in the team's potential. He boldly claims 26 out of 29 GMs would swap teams with Phoenix, emphasizing optimism for the future despite recent setbacks. Ishbia stresses the importance of maintaining perspective on the Suns' regular-season achievements and vows to explore changes to boost postseason performance.

"I feel like the narrative around [here is] the house is burning, it's incorrect," Ishbia said. "... Fans like to look in the future and say, 'Hey, I really like that 2031 draft pick because maybe that seventh grader is going to be really good and we're going to draft him and one day he's going to be a player. [...] Let's be real -- ask the other 29 GMs [in the NBA], 26 of them would trade their whole team for our whole team and our draft picks as is," Ishbia said. "The house is not on fire. We're in a great position. It's not hard to fix. We have enough talent to win a championship."

As Ishbia gears up for talks with Vogel and Jones, he remains focused on guiding the Suns toward greater success. With unwavering support and a vision for championship contention, Ishbia is determined to lead the team forward.

On the court, the Suns face challenges, particularly in the absence of a reliable point guard and center. The lack of playmaking and defensive presence in these positions has hindered the team's performance, putting pressure on stars like Bradley Beal, Devin Booker, and Kevin Durant.

Despite financial constraints and roster limitations, addressing these deficiencies is crucial for the Suns' future success. Acquiring talent in key positions and fostering continuity within the roster are essential steps toward building a championship-caliber team.

The road ahead may be tough, but with the right strategy and determination, the Suns have the potential to rise above their current challenges and emerge as contenders in the NBA.

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Report : Suns' owner says team is in 'Great Position'

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