Chris Paul is Looking for a Big Pay Day

Published July 29, 2021 at 12:07

Chris Paul has a major decision to make. Does he stick with the Phoenix Suns, who came this close to winning the NBA Finals, or does he pack it up and spend the rest of his career somewhere else? Let's be honest, the Point God only has a few years left in his career - where will it all end?

The New York Post doesn't know where Paul will land but they do know he is looking for a massive salary:

"League sources believe Paul would seek a three-year, $100 million package. With sufficient cap space, the Knicks would be keenly interested, as team president Leon Rose is his former agent. The Lakers are reportedly interested in a sign-and-trade to pair Paul with one of his best friends, LeBron James."

While it is possible that Paul gets the big sum from the Suns, it's also possible that he ships out of town to receive what he thinks he deserves. Perhaps Paul really will end up playing with his best buddy, LeBron. Or maybe the Knicks will be able to muster up the cash. Or in the end, Chris Paul might just stay put and try for a ring once again with the Suns.

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