LeBron James To A Reporter Calling Him Clutch: "What's Your Name? I Appreciate You...There's Not Many Like You."

Published July 29, 2021 at 9:52

Sports Center Instagram account posted an old and funny interview of LeBron James in a post press conference of 2018 Eastern Conference Finals. LeBron was still playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers that time, making a couple of game-winning buzzer beaters in the playoffs.

A reporter from ESPN Brazil asked LeBron, how he has been able to improve his clutch gene throughout his career, mentioning that he had been clutch during his entire stint in the NBA.

LeBron started smiling and asked the reporter what was his name. He said that there aren't many people who acknowledge his clutch abilities, and added that he appreciated him for his question.

«What's your name? I appreciate you saying I've been clutch my whole career. There's not many like you.»

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