Exploring Kevin Durant's Real Height and the Reasons Behind His Height Deception

Published March 23, 2023 at 4:58 PM

Kevin Durant's actual height has been debated for years, with many people questioning why he seems to be less than his listed height. While he is officially listed at 6'10", there is evidence suggesting that he is closer to 6'9". This discrepancy has led some to accuse Durant of lying about his height, but there are actually a few reasons why he might do this.

One reason is that height is a crucial factor in basketball, and being listed as taller than you actually are can give you a competitive advantage. For example, if Durant were listed at his accurate height of 6'9", he might have a more challenging time guarding players who are listed at 6'10" or taller. By being listed at 6'10" himself, he can better match up against these players.

Another reason why Durant might exaggerate his height is that he wants to be seen as a versatile player who can play multiple positions. In basketball, certain positions are associated with certain heights - for example, power forwards are usually taller than shooting guards. By being listed at 6'10", Durant can be seen as a player who can play both small forward and power forward, giving him more opportunities to showcase his skills.

Overall, while it's true that Durant might be lying about his height to some extent, there are legitimate reasons why he might do so. As long as he continues to perform at a high level on the court, his height is unlikely to be a significant issue for him or his fans.

Check out this video of him shooting while rehabbing his leg injury:

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Exploring Kevin Durant's Real Height and the Reasons Behind His Height Deception

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