Giannis On Monty Williams Complaining About Game 3 Officiating: "They're Making My Pretty Face Ugly."

Published July 14, 2021 at 7:27 PM

Monty Williams can't hold himself but to take shots on officiating in post-game press conference after the Milwaukee Bucks game 3 win.

The Suns' head coach were questioning the free throw disparity in the game saying Giannis alone had 17 attempts from the charity stripe while his team as a whole took 16 attempts only.

«I'm not going to get into publicly complaining about fouls but we had 16 free throws tonight. One guy [on the Bucks] had 17»

Giannis has responded after being asked what was his take on Monty Williams claims. And he had a good one, joking about the Suns making his pretty face ugly with their defense.

"I don't follow quotes after the games from coaches. But I think I take a pretty good beating out there. I have a scratch here and a scratch there. They're making my pretty face ugly."

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