Klay Thompson Roasts LeBron James Over New Space Jam Movie

Published July 14, 2021 at 7:31 PM

Space Jam 2 is about to hit theaters and is proving to be yet another opportunity to discuss how good LeBron James is at basketball. Is he the greatest of all time? Is he better the Jordan? Is he better than...Bugs Bunny?

Believe it or not, Golden State Warriors champ Klay Thompson has an opinion about the Bugs vs. LeBron debate. In his estimation, LeBron will always be second-place to the Looney Tunes icon.

You have to hand it to Klay, that's a pretty good joke. He's right too, Bugs has been a comedy legend for nearly 100 years. The guy has proven himself again and again.

Thompson actually appears in the new Space Jam film but it's not yet known if he shares any screen time with Bugs.
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