Kyle Kuzma Says He Can Be an All-Star: 'I know myself, And I know My Ability'

Published July 8, 2021 at 12:52

One of the most popular pastimes for Lakers fans these days is hating on Kyle Kuzma. While the young star once showed a lot of promise, his last season pretty much put the last nail in the coffin for him with many LA faithful. He was no longer reaching the heights he once did in his early seasons and, to many, is more of a liability than anything else.

But Kyle Kuzma still has confidence in himself. Speaking with Bleacher Report, Kuzma said he thinks he can be an All-Star Lakers player and believes producing 25-points-per-game isn't out of the picture for him.

"he still sees himself as a player capable of averaging 25 points per game and reaching All-Star heights.

'I definitely can. I definitely believe that, too. I don't really care what nobody thinks or says. I know myself, and I know my ability. It's hard to be consistent in an inconsistent role. I'm excited for a more consistent space next year,' Kuzma said."

No one is going to fault Kuzma for having belief in himself, that's something that every player should have. However, he needs to put his money where his mouth is - and quickly. There is a lot of speculation about where he will be next season. Most Lakers fans want him traded ASAP while he still has some semblance of trade value. However, if he sticks around in LA, he needs to start putting up stronger numbers and show that he is worth his paycheck otherwise his future anywhere in the league is going to be quite complicated. If he isn't able to right the wrongs of the last couple of seasons, he will have no trade value and no other team will want him.

For his part, Kuzma has said he is spending the post-season upping his game and trying to perfect his skills. He has already put a lot of work into his defensive skills so Lakers fans are hopeful that he is now doing the same for his work on the other end of the court.
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