Serge Ibaka destroyed Damian Lillard's record

Published August 30, 2022 at 8:37

Trying to make his way as an NBA champion and a famous artist, Dame Dolla must be pretty jealous of Serge Ibaka.

A lot of NBA careers have thriving hobbies and businesses off the court. The perfect exemple we have is Shaquille O'Neal who recently revealed the extent of his business, and he is also one of the NBA players of the past who has found success as a musician and a business man

Damian Lillard is perhaps the most well-known active player in terms of being a musician. The all star performed with lil Wayne at the 2020 NBA all star show.

His songs are popular with over 1 million plays for some of his songs. However, Serge Ibaka came up strong to take the number one position in terms of Spotify streams.

"With his production company Ouenzé Music, the NBA star Serge Ibaka has published a compilation of original tracks that bring African and Afro-descendant artists together around the theme of Africa. In February, the first track, «Champion» in duet with Ninho, was released, and has been certified platinum, and some months later, «LEGGO» with Tayc. The third track, «Rumba» with Guy2Bezbar, has just hit the charts."

Ibaka's single, titled Champion, had amassed a total of 35,200, 000+ plays destroying Lillard's record.

Lillard, who started releasing music back in 2015, has «Money Ball" as his top streamed song. However, "Money Ball" would bearly make the top 3 songs of Ibaka's lastest album with around 12, 500, 000 plays.

Many people succeed like me but forget where they come from. Art is a message, for everyone, for children, to encourage others to give back

Ibaka told Pan-African Music in 2021.
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Serge Ibaka destroyed Damian Lillard's record

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