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Intense altercation between Patrick Beverley and JJ Redick

Published February 21, 2024 at 11:10

JJ Redick's recent comments criticizing Bucks coach Doc Rivers for not owning up to the struggles of his teams prompted a response from Patrick Beverley. Beverley, who played under Rivers on the Clippers, defended his former coach against Redick's accusations.

Subsequently, they engaged in a back-and-forth exchange:

Pat : "This man Doc actually saved your career. Started you when no one else wanted to. And you retire go on TV and say that."

Redick promptly responded to Beverley, disputing Beverley's assertion that Doc saved his career and revealing he had alternative career options when he joined the Clippers.

"Pat my guy I had a four-year offer with a player option for the same money to be a starter for a different team. FOH 'saved my career.''

Beverley quickly retorted, shifting the conversation away from Doc and towards the circumstances of Redick's career at that time.

"Why didn't u take it then? You were comfy in your role with the team. And don't just say LA."

Redick joined Doc's Clippers in 2013, following a stint with the Bucks. Despite underutilization early in his career with the Magic, Redick thrived with the Clippers, setting records for three-point shooting. While Redick criticizes Doc's accountability, his postseason performance has been inconsistent, raising questions about his impact on the team's playoff success.

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Intense altercation between Patrick Beverley and JJ Redick

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