NBA issued a memo to officials to have a more balance perspective
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NBA Releases Memo for Referees to Assess Balance Between Offense and Defense

Published March 16, 2024 at 11:40

As the game continues to evolve, it's evident that scoring in the NBA has significantly increased. While some fans attribute this to the removal of hand-checking and decreased use of zone defense, others argue that it detracts from the defensive spectacle of the game. This season, we've witnessed record-breaking scores in multiple games, sparking complaints from fans about the neglect of defensive aspects. Initially, the NBA did not address these concerns, but recent developments suggest a change in approach.

During a session with the NBA's competition committee this Tuesday, the league administration detailed a heightened officiating emphasis on offensive players seeking out fouls and deviating from their path to the basket into defenders.

This emphasis, outlined in memos from January and February, is thought to have played a role in the recent decrease in league scoring, as per a memo obtained by ESPN on Friday.

The memo highlights the league's ongoing assessment of the balance between offense and defense, with a particular focus on legal guarding position and the level of contact during drives to the basket.

Despite recent declines in scoring by four points per team and a decrease of 1.9 fouls per team, league officials clarified that there was no directive from the league office to reduce scoring.

However, the league emphasized that this trend will be continuously monitored, with factors such as pace of play, playing style, competitive intensity, and officiating focus all identified as contributing factors.

Teams were informed in the memo that future evaluations during committee meetings will determine whether rule or interpretation changes should be considered for next season.

Source : ESPN
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NBA Releases Memo for Referees to Assess Balance Between Offense and Defense

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